Nayax payment solutions for Vending

Complete operating systems and contactless payment platforms for Vending machines

Complete, integrated, and secure payment solutions

As official Nayax distributor for Italy, General Vending is able to provide its customers with complete, integrated and secure payment solutions, which allow them to save time, manage the machines quickly and intuitively and reduce operating costs. Nayax solutions help Vending operators to increase revenue, reduce expenses and maximize the profits of their business, allowing them to manage operations with convenience and simplicity, from anywhere.

Manage everything remotely

Get real-time information to stay constantly updated on all aspects of operations.

Build customer loyalty

Increase consumer engagement and increase sales for loyal customers by offering bonuses, discounts and more.

Simplify operations

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you can integrate voice commands, multilingual displays, payments from phones and NFC and customize the touchscreen.

Plug and Play system

Simply connect the system to install it quickly and easily, taking advantage of remote software updates.

VPOS Touch

Credit card reader for contactless payments

A complete solution

Monitor vending machines in real time with up-to-date information on all aspects of operation, including inventory, cash monitoring, alerts, and reports.

Contactless payment

VPOS Touch offers contactless payment solutions and accepts all payment methods available on the market, to allow all consumers to pay without cash and Vending operators to never miss a single sale at the vending machine.


Contactless payment device with credit card reader.

A contactless payment system with a compact and attractive design that offers the consumer a quick and intuitive cashless payment experience. While consumers complete transactions quickly, Vending operators benefit from numerous operational advantages, including remote management of all operations.

Remote management of the vending machine
Change settings and manage the vending machine from anywhere, wherever you are, thanks to the complete overview of sales, machine operating data and real-time alerts.

Multiple payment methods
This contactless payment solution supports numerous global and local payment service providers, giving consumers multiple payment options to choose from and thus increasing sales at the vending machine.

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