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The history of GENERAL VENDING

Supporting VENDING operators

Since the 1970s, General Vending S.p.A. is a leading company in the Vending business, thanks to its resale services for Vending machines, hot and cold drinks, snacks and all the accessories needed for the Vending industry.
Thanks to its long experience, General Vending offers to Vending operators a complete sales, assistance, consultancy and technical training service, to rely on for a constant growth of their business.

More than 50 years of experience

For over 50 years, General Vending has supported the activity of Vending operators with the strength of its experience, making it simpler, safer and up-to-date. Professional ethics, competence and reliability are the key values on which thousands of customers can rely on every day, knowing that they can count on a well-trained and customer-focused staff.

From Vending Service to General Vending S.r.l.

Vending Service was born in 1974, following an innovative vision of the Vending market in Italy by the founding members.
The company, starting from the provinces of Varese and Como, progressively extended its activity and its area of ​​influence to the whole of Northern Italy and in 1984 Vending Service became General Vending S.r.l.

The '90s
General Vending S.p.A.

The long and solid relationship with Lavazza begins and the exponential growth of General Vending continues: in 1995 the Turin branch was founded for the Piedmont, Liguria, and Valle d'Aosta markets. In 1997 General Vending became a joint stock company, and in 2002, thanks to its excellent performance, it was included among the "500 best companies" by the economic newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

The 2000s
General Vending Romania

In 2007, the subsidiary General Vending Ro S.R.L. was founded in Bucharest. Afterwards, exclusive partnership relationships have been established to sell LUXURY products in different European countries. The expansion abroad is of strategic importance for General Vending, as it represents a step forward in an increasingly widespread presence, even outside national borders.

Retail and ecommerce

Over the last few years, General Vending S.p.A., beyond consolidating its leadership in the Vending business, has further developed its commercial activity expanding into a distribution channel in which it was not historically present: Retail.
This choice considers two main factors: the first is that several Vending operators have decided to diversify their business by opening points of sale that allow them to also intercept private consumers, while the second factor is the growing diffusion of the capsule within the family, which has promoted the opening of a certain number of coffee shops by subjects who were previously unrelated to such business.
The expansion in the Retail channel was further consolidated in the years following the Covid-19 emergency and allowed the company not only to diversify its business, but also to offer a complete sales and assistance service also to specialized coffee shops and to e-commerce operators.

2020 - Today
GV Ro acquires DAIR

In 2023 the subsidiary General Vending Ro S.R.L. acquires the 100% of Dair Comexim 2000 S.r.l.’s shares, historic resale company active since 1992 in the Vending business in Romania. The operation will allow the creation of an important resale hub, made up of approximately 50 collaborators, 8 branches across the national territory and a forecast turnover of € 28 million in 2023. The acquisition will also allow the consolidation of a team made up of highly experienced human resources, a widespread coverage of the nation, as well as the expansion of the range of products and services offered to customers.

1974-2024 GV turns 50

General Vending celebrates a truly important milestone: over 50 years of activity.

In 2024 General Vending celebrates a truly special moment in its long history: over 50 years of activity. Thanks to all the employees, customers, suppliers and partners who made it possible to achieve this important milestone.

Values and STRENGHTS

A leader company in the VENDING business

General Vending S.p.A. has always supported Vending operators, both in sales, advising them on the best solutions for their needs, and in after-sales, offering a professional, reliable and qualified assistance.

The strenght of the brands

Thanks to a team of highly qualified technicians, General Vending can help directly at the customer’s site, supporting them in case of particularly complex installations and carrying out repairs on all the technical material supplied. 
Thanks to its dedicated Customer Service, the company is always available for immediate advice and to try to solve any type of technical problem.
As an official authorized Lavazza’s distributor, General Vending provides a specialized overhaul service for Lavazza’s vending machines with original spare parts.

Sales and distribution network

General Vending’s sales network is divided into different areas managed by highly qualified and experienced sales managers, able to support their customers in selecting the most suitable solutions according to their specific needs. 
General Vending’s distribution network is present throughout Italy, always ensuring rapid and punctual deliveries.

B2B online shop

General Vending’s new digital platform has revolutionized the traditional order management system, allowing the customers to order the desired products quickly and easily via PC, tablet or smartphone at any time, with just one click.
An innovative tool, which has made it possible to make the customer-resale relationship more dynamic, marking a real change of pace in the world of Vending.

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