Lavazza coffee beans for Vending machines

Lavazza coffee beans for Vending

To meet the needs of vending operators, Lavazza offers a range of coffee bean blends carefully selected from the best plantations. High quality blends which have the prerogative of maintaining the organoleptic properties of the coffee unchanged inside the vending machines.

Lavazza’s solid experience is a guarantee of quality and allows the organoleptic properties of the coffee beans to be kept unchanged inside the automatic vending machines, to enjoy a coffee break worthy of the true Italian tradition, savouring an espresso that is always fragrant and aromatic, with an unmistakable taste.


Lavazza Bourbon Intenso

Blend of coffee beans

An intense and vigorous coffee, with exceptional creaminess and a strong and intense flavour, characterized by an aroma of spices and bitter cocoa.

Lavazza Gusto Forte

Blend of coffee beans

Blend of coffee beans with a strong, full-bodied and aromatic character with a pleasant cocoa aftertaste and a very compact cream. The coffees that make up this blend come from African and South East Asian plantations.

Lavazza Gusto Pieno

Blend of coffee beans

Coffee beans for an espresso with an intense aroma and compact cream, further enhanced by the toasted notes of fine woods. Blend composed of full-bodied coffees rich in aroma, coming from African, Asian and South American plantations.

Lavazza Crema Ricca

Blend of coffee beans

A selection of Arabica and Robusta coffees from UTZ certified plantations, where farmers apply the best agricultural practices, with the utmost respect for people and the planet. An espresso with pleasant hints of dried fruit and spices, with a balanced taste.

Lavazza Aroma Top

Blend of coffee beans

A selection of 100% Arabica coffees Rainforest Alliance Certified which guarantees the conformity of production processes and processing of raw materials according to sustainability standards. A round coffee, with fine acidity, notes of cereals and a persistent aftertaste; characterized by a delicate and refined aroma.

Lavazza Crema Classica

Blend of coffee beans

A selection of fine coffees for a velvety espresso, characterized by a pleasant aftertaste and an aroma of dark chocolate and spices.

Lavazza Crema e Aroma

Blend of coffee beans

A fine blend for an espresso characterized by a rich, dense crema and a bold character.

Lavazza Tierra Bio Intenso

Blend of coffee beans

A blend of Arabica and Robusta of fine organic origins with an intense aroma and pleasant notes of dried fruit and precious woods. A coffee coming from plantations where organic farming is practiced and the principles of environmental sustainability are respected according to UTZ standards.

Lavazza Dek Bar

Blend of coffee beans

Lavazza Dek coffee beans contains a refined selection of the best Brazilian Arabica coffees expertly blended with natural Robusta. The natural decaffeination process (with CO2) maintains the strength and intensity of the blend.

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