General Vending - Our results are a not random success

Telemetry to revolution the OCS world

General Vending proposes a new telemetry system with functions specifically designed to be installed on OCS machines (also well suited to the needs of the HoReCa channel). The new telemetry, developed by Reika, a leader in its field, is a truly integrated system for the Vending industry, able to stop the parallel market, and triple the value of each sale.

The web interface of the new telemetry system used by General Vending is extremely intuitive and detailed, it can be monitored from a PC, smartphone and tablet via custom cloud access and it’s protected by password.

The benefits are quantifiable:

  • the new telemetry system can recover more than 35% of products dispensing, monitoring in real time the number of products dispensed by a vending machine and keeping track of the remaining products
  • reducing operating costs by 50% keeping under control the products dispensing and the machine conditions; it is also possible to plan the maintenance, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

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