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Lavazza Concerto x2

Concert x2, vending machine with double offer of coffee – in capsules and beans – it is the best solution for mid-sized companies and communities open to the public, thanks to the flexibility and compact size and LED illuminated capacitive keyboard.

Width 60 cm x height 170 cm x depth 74 cm

130 kg

Power supply
230-240 V; 50 Hz

Nominal power
2500 W

200 capsules – 500 cups (Ø 70-71 mm)

Capsule management
1 automatic hopper system with single-dose Lavazza BLUE capsules + 1 grain system (capacity 8 L; 3 kg).

Espresso in capsule, coffee beans, 4 instant beverages, sugar, cups and stirrers

User interface
18 selections with LED illuminated capacitive keyboard (+2 sugar preselection), 2 backlit photographic panels

Other features
Option: water self-feeding system by 2 water tanks of 20 litres each
Option: light kit product dispensing + photocell
Option: possible connection to the payment system or GSM modem (EVATDTS 6.1)