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Bianchi Vista L Master

Bianchi Vista L Master refrigerated 3 ° C spiral vending machine for the sale of snacks, sandwiches, fresh food products, cans and bottles. Available in versions: Lift, Touch 7 ” or 46″.

1830H x 1010W x 950D / WEIGHT 290 KG

Mains power supply
230 V – 50-60 HZ

Absorbed power
0.7 kW

User interface
Door with extruded aluminium frame.
Stainless steel alphanumeric keyboard with 12 keys.
32-character alphanumeric display.
Touch version 7 ” or 46″ keyboard with touchscreen Multimedia Technology (video).
Standard coin introduction system.
Lit product dispensing “pull” in phase of product withdrawal.
Versions with powerful lift for delicate dispensing of fragile food and non-food.
Products fall sensor.