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Bianchi Aria M Master/Slave

Bianchi Aria M refrigerated 3 ° C spiral vending machine for the sale of snacks, sandwiches, fresh food products, cans and bottles. Available in master or slave version.

Master / Slave version: W 70 cm x H 163 cm x D 80.7 cm

Mains power supply
230 V – 50 Hz

Absorbed power
0.3 kW

Internal Temperature
Combined version: up to + 8 ° C with ambient temperature of 32 ° C and 65% humidity.

27/271 for 5-27 MA Combi Alfa STD
26/229 for 5-26 MA Food Alfa STD
36/292 for 5-36 SL Combi
35/279 for 5-35 SL Food

User interface
Master models
Stainless steel alphanumeric keyboard with 12 keys.
32-character alphanumeric display.
Standard coin introduction system.
Slave models
Slave version works in combination with a machine for hot beverages with a single payment system. The alphanumeric selection keyboard is present on the machine for hot beverages.