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general_vending_telemetria_ReikaGeneral Vending, attentive to technological innovation in the vending, proposes to the Managers the Telemetry of Reika, the most advanced solution to manage at the best the OCS and Ho.Re.Ca. business’.

For telemetry General Vending has chosen the high quality and reliability of Reika devices to be installed on OCS and Ho.Re.Ca. machines allowing the Manager to keep constantly monitored through a PC, tablet or smartphone all the most important aspects of its business in a simple, fast and immediate way:

  • knowing the number of products dispensed by the total of vending machines and the “consumed” in real-time;
  • uploading from the office the products to be assigned to each machine;
  • being updated in real time when a customer is in product reserves, has terminated it or is using capsules purchased elsewhere and proceeding, then, to block the machine with a click;
  • intercepting “false” products dispensing, setting and monitoring the means of dispensing desired for type of machine, optimizing the capital invested on the customer;
  • remotely adjusting the dose and temperature of the single product dispensing; creating groups of machines of the same customer;
  • receiving notification of unauthorized location changes and identifying the new location of the machine;
  • receiving notification of anomalies and failures, tampering or failure to use the machine;
  • better planning purchases, knowing the customer consumption habits;
  • with the new Bluetooth module the system can be activated even without connectivity.
With telemetry the business benefits are measurable:
  • recovering 35% of products dispensing, monitoring in real time the number of products dispensing made by a vending machine or by a group and watching the remaining number of products dispensing;
  • reducing operating costs by 50% keeping under control the products dispensing and the machine conditions; it is also possible to plan operations, improving efficiency and effectiveness;
  • constantly monitoring the performance of turnover: at any time, the data related to the daily, weekly and monthly product dispensing are accessible;
  • increasing the service value: customers will no longer stay without product and it’s possible to set remotely doses and temperatures and solve minor problems that limit the usage of the vending machine;
All the reliability of an exclusive service:

General Vending, in collaboration with partner Reika, offers to the Manager a complete service: hardware, software and connectivity through:

  • a staff ready to intervene promptly;
  • a SIM reseller agreement with TIM-Olivetti that allows to manage the connectivity service in Italy and abroad;
  • warranty on the customer personal data management (privacy), on which it is installed the APP availability telemetry system to learn and maintain the end customer loyalty;