Lavazza LB 2317

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Lavazza LB 2317

LB 2317, the latest Lavazza innovation made by Saeco, is designed to fit in every location, in assisted and self-service mode. It intensifies the purchase experience from every point of view and it guarantees quality and quantity with a simple touch.

Width cm 28 x Height cm 38 x Depth cm 48

8 kg

Power supply
220 – 240 V; 50 – 60 Hz

Nominal power
1600 W

Water tank capacity
4 lt

User interface
Pre Set, One Touch receipt selection, interactive panel.

Other features
2 Thermoblock.
Mobile coffee spout, hot water spout, fresh milk spout compatible with Venturi system.
4 L Plug and play tank.
Wide drawer for exhausted capsules and water.
Adjustable cup-support rack.
Alert for automatic cleaning.
USB port.