Brasilia Moda

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Brasilia Moda

Operating simplicity and maximum customization for a machine that represents the best of the innovative technology developed by Brasilia. Owing to the touch interface, Moda dispenses perfect drinks at just one touch.

H 599 mm x W 460 mm x D 600 mm

Power supply
230Vac, 50Hz

Boiler resistance
2.200 W

Boiler capacity
3,5 l

User interface
10” LCD TFT touchscreen monitor from which to choose your favourite drink in a just few clicks thanks to an attractive and intuitive menu. Possibility of updating by USB key.

Other features
Coffee waste tray capacity of about 80 coffee grounds pods.
Product autonomy : 2 coffee bean hopper 1 kg each – 3 instant products canisters 1 kg each.
Two-phase boiler (water+ steam) with electronic control of pressure-temperature.
Newly designed fresh milk frothing system that combines compactness with high quality of the product in the cup.
Optional telemetry system for remote connection to machine.
Optional Bluetooth kit for programming and diagnostics.
Energy saving mode.
In compliance with ROHS and WEEE.