General Vending guest at Nuvola Lavazza

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General Vending guest at Nuvola Lavazza

On Monday, 24th September 2018, General Vending‘s management was officially invited to visit Nuvola, the new structure that houses the Lavazza Business Center.

Nuvola is much more than the new headquarters of the company that in the early 20th century invented the art of mixing and became the spokesman of the authentic Italian coffee in the world: it is an open space for sharing projects, food and culture which embodies the values and over 120 years of Lavazza’s history. It houses avant-garde offices, a signature restaurant, a museum, a bistro and is home to the IAAD, the Institute of Applied Arts and Design.

During the day, GV’s management had the opportunity to visit the whole of this unique space, which embodies both past and future, innovation, development and prosperity.

But it was not just a courtesy visit: in fact, the meeting between GV and Lavazza management was an opportunity to consolidate the historic partnership between the two companies, with a view to continuous development and innovation.

Together they shared ideas and projects, defined future goals and strategies; all in an environment created to inspire people, put energies into circulation and activate dialogue, offering experiences of cultural, social, taste and business sharing.