General Vending - Our results are a not random success



Since the 70s General Vending S.p.A. has been a leader in the vending machine industry thanks to the sale of vending machines, hot and cold beverages, snacks and all the accessories for the vending industry. Drawing on its long experience, General Vending offers to the Manager of vending machines an innovative complete service with sales, after-sales, technical advice and training, that you can rely on for a steady growth in the vending business.


For more than forty years General Vending has been supporting the work of managers with the strength of its experience, making it much easier and safer.

From Vending Service to General Vending S.r.l.

Vending Service was founded in 1974 thanks to an innovative vision of the vending market in Italy by the founding members. The company, from the provinces of Varese and Como, has progressively been expanding its business and its area of ​​influence in the North of Italy and in 1984 Vending Service became General Vending S.r.l.

The 90’s

The long, solid relationship with Lavazza has begun and General Vending’s exponential growth has continued: in 1995 the branch in Turin was founded for the market of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta. In 1997 General Vending became a S.p.A. and in 2002, thanks to its excellent performance, it was counted among the “500 best” companies by the business daily “Il Sole 24 Ore“.

The 2000’s

The branch General Vending Romania was founded in 2007 in Bucharest and in the last years, exclusive distribution sites were created in Germany, the Republic of Moldova, Spain and Croatia. The birth of the foreign branches had a strategic importance to General Vending because it represented a step forward towards a more widespread presence, even outside the national borders.

From 2010 to date

In the last years, General Vending S.p.A., beyond consolidating its leadership in the Vending industry, has further developed its commercial business expanding itself in a distributive channel where it was not historically present: Retail.

This choice takes into account two main factors: the first is that different Vending operators decided to diversify their business, by opening points of sales intended to intercept the private consumer, while the second one was the growing spread of capsules in the family environment, which led to the opening of a certain number of “Coffee shops” by users that in the past were not familiar with such business.


We are convinced that our value does not depend only on numbers, but also on our social commitment. Each year we fund various activities for the education and protection of those living in difficult situations such as Project Chicco Cotto, where General Vending is side by side the boys of the Cottolengo of Turin, that managing vending machines both within the Institute and in Cottolengo major events (such as the Turin Shroud refreshment area) acquire autonomy, learn a work and get ready for a dignified place in society.

General Vending has enthusiastically joined the initiative by providing the vending machines at favourable conditions, as well as supporting the boys in training.